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There are 148 species of odonates in Connecticut of which 49 are damselflies and 99 are dragonflies. This site serves scans of these species and information on identification, distribution, flight activity, habitats, behavior, and conservation status of this fauna. Much of the introductory text for this site is based on "The Odonate Fauna of Connecticut" (Wagner, D. L. and M. C. Thomas. 1999. Bulletin of American Odonatology. 5:59-85).

Nearly one-quarter of New England's dragonflies and damselflies receive protection in at least one of the region's six states. Eighteen of Connecticut's Odonata are listed in the state's 2004 endangered species legislation (Public Act 89-22): 1 as Endangered, 7 as Threatened, and 10 as Special Concern (Appendix 1).

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Basic biological information on rarity, breeding requirements, flight times, and other salient aspects of their adult and larval biology are unknown for many of the state's damselflies and dragonflies--information that would be essential for the development of statewide conservation plans for these insects. It is hoped that this on-line resource will catalyze interest in this handsome and popular group of invertebrates and facilitate the development of a network of amateurs and volunteers who would contribute to statewide odonate surveys.

Support for the development of this web site came from the State of Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection's Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program (Project No. R-1-1, Job 1.3), Endangered Species/Wildlife, and Long Island Sound Funds. Visit our Acknowledgments page for additional text on funding sources.



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